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hank you for taking the time to visit my website. I’m a professional voice talent; the very first to provide voiceover recording services on the internet.

Voice talent & those looking to hire professional voice talent (male or female), welcome!

I’ll explain the mic and the dog.

Everybody told me that I needed to have a voice over microphone on my home page, because my old logo was an illustration of a voice over mic – obvious.

The dog, “Murray” has been there since day #1 welcoming everyone…..and he told me he’s not leaving.

So, I placed a mic overhead; I think it looks pretty cool. Murray likes it.

I love the little guy….he’s so friendly 🙂

That said, Murray would like to give you a warm welcome to our very old website. It was renovated a short time ago. If you notice anything weird, let me know.

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Professional Voice Talent Services since 1998

Yep, since 1998 Todd Schick Productions has been providing professional voice talent services to companies large and small.

That’s almost 20 years – longer than any professional voice talent service on the internet. In fact, I invented the business model that thousands have adopted since 1998. 

If you’re a voice talent or someone looking for professional voice talent services, you’ve hit the jackpot of information on the subject.

I’ve been writing about the voiceover industry for almost 20 years.

This is a “talking” website. I’ve recorded much of the content personally. I welcome you to listen whenever you see the option. After all, what’s the point of a professional voice talent having a website, if he doesn’t voice his own content?

If are looking for “professional” voice talent – male or female – a voice critique or information on the VO industry, you’ve come to the right place.

Voice talent will find a lot of valuable resource information on the professional commercial voiceover industry. Recording a demo, vocal consulting and more.

Client services include: voiceover for Radio or Television, Animation, Corporate, E-learning or Narration projects. Plus we include free minor revisions, script consultations and much more.

If you need advice on how to hire professional voice talent, there’s plenty of information on that too. Educating people on the voiceover industry is a specialty. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

This site is home to many of my demos: Commercials, Animation, Radio & TV Imaging, On Hold/IVR and Narration.

Have a listen! If you don’t hear an example of what you are looking for, request an audition. I’ll record an audition for you for free and deliver fast over the Internet. The custom audition was something that I came up with in 1998 as well.

Thanks again for visiting and thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Kind regards,

Todd Schick

murray the professional voice talent mascot