Todd Schick's Voice Talent Guestbook

The nice thing about running a website is hearing from people from all over the world! I decided to create a “voice talent guestbook” in recognition of everyone who took the time to send me a note.

If you would ike to sign the voice talent guestbook, please feel free to drop me a note.

Here’s some folks who’ve taken the time to sign the Voice Talent Guestbook:

What a fantastic website Todd has provided for aspiring voice over talent around the world. It is the go to site for fantastic information and invaluable advice, whilst learning from the master that is Todd Schick!

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His amazing demos are a revelation in outstanding skill, talent and personality, making him one of the most sought after talents and business in the industry. This website is a goldmine of essential resources that every fresh talent must bookmark!

I could only sit back in awe of how professional he presents his work, via one of the best websites for anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps. And I thank him for such a very generous insight into the industry, as I have learnt an enormous amount that you just can’t find anywhere else!”

-Andrea Scott, Andrea Scott Video Films
West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

“Hi Todd! I enjoyed my visit here… the site looks – and sounds – great!”

– Kristy Borkes, Voice Chasers
Orlando, Florida

“Great site and terrific voice demos”.

– Dennis Nault, Deltafox Productions,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Thanks for your invaluable help on my own voiceover demo. This is a great site and you an enormously talented person. For anyone out there who needs a fine coach, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Todd. Out of 10 I’d give him a 12+!”

– Joan Hall Hovey,
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

“Todd, you have a wonderful, well designed site! It is nice to see someone enjoying what he does, and doing it well.”

– Doug Staneart,
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

“Hi Todd and greetings from England! Just wanted to say congratulations on a very nice site.”

– Colin Day Voiceover UK
London, England, UK

“Thanks for having such a great and informative site. Its honest and to the point. I have seen some of the stuff that’s offered out there for info and fees and yours is the only one I review and go to first. I’ll refer anyone who is interested to as a first point of reference and use that as a guideline. Well worth the time invested in exploring your site.”

– Rick Arsenault
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

“You have a way with words, my friend. I have consumed your straight forward advice and enjoyed it very much! I too have an inherited interest in voice and on-air talent from my family. I’m going into my 5th year in voice over and on-air talent, it’s a great job!!! Have fun!”

– Tammy Ott, Randy Rice and Associates
Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, California, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed your website! Not only is it very informational, it’s easy to navigate and entertaining! I loved the demos. Best Regards, “

– Julie Brown, A Dog’s Best Friend Mobile Dog Walking Service
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

“When I was visiting Toronto recently, I lost a leather bag containing all my documentation for travel, including my passport! I was in a bad situation. Todd handed me $50 to see me through till I could get my hands on some cash. I was able to track down the bag by late the next day, in time to board a Caribbean flight. I would have been much the worse for wear if Todd had not volunteered the cash. This is a super generous guy, and I wanted all to know that. All the best, Todd! Good luck in your voice work. “

– Andy Neill, Super Spot International
San Diego, California

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Adrian Newcastle
Adrian Newcastle
5 years ago

Hello Todd, I’m local, so I’m sure I’ve heard your work. Just getting started myself, and happened upon your website in a search to see if ProTools was a fit for VO work. I’m glad you steered me off that path! Excellent information here. I also enjoy sharing the little I’ve learned so far, and have been using Reaper DAW to this point. I like Reaper, but I will definitely investigate Adobe as well. Having the right tool for the job at hand is key, and you explain this well. I did a quick proof of concept booth/usb mic/posts on… Read more »

Todd Francis
Todd Francis
11 months ago

Hello todd. I don’t know where to start. I noticed, though I have probably only look through 25% of your website, that includes listening to your demos, and starting to read through a lot of comments, I thought I would reply. But I’m not sure how current this website, or your participation in it currently is. But I certainly will investigate to see your online presence. Hopefully you’re still out here? But I find your information to have hit a nerve within me. About 8 months ago I joined great voice company. And signed up for a number of courses.… Read more »