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Client Testimonials

One of the most rewarding aspects of doing this kind of work is developing great relationships with people from all over the world!

I have to admit, this list is pretty old; I’ve been in business since 1998. What original testimonials are here helped to build my voiceover business in the first place and for that, I am very grateful.

I feel fortunate to not only know so many people, but to also be the recipient of so many kind comments and amusing anecdotes! (It’s all true, by the way). I hope you enjoy reading these “Testimonials” from clients I’ve enjoyed working with over the last few years……


“The thing that immediately strikes you about Todd is how non-announcer he is – and I mean that in the best way – for those who know the difference between a voice talent and a voice actor”

– Tim Underwood,
Bend, Oregon, USA

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5 days a week, week after week, month after month; from animated comedies to murder and mayhem, the National voice of Global Television needs to deliver every day. Consistency, vocal range and reliability are a must….but to do it with good humour and enthusiasm is Todd’s special gift.

Brian Neal Director, The Creative Agency, Canwest
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“You can’t go wrong with Todd in the booth. Great character voices, stellar corporate reads, he has an amazing range and always hits the mark spot on.”

– Bill Nygren, Creative Director, Boom Sonic Branding
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Todd has become our male voice talent cum laude. I have many good things to say about his talent and his consummate professionalism, but in the end, for us, the success of our voice campaigns is based on what resonates with our clients’ customers. And Todd has that special kind of appeal that brings a script to life and makes regular folks want to listen – and that’s very hard to find. “

– The SoundBite Team, Soundbite Communications
Burlington, MA, USA

“Todd stayed with me in Singapore for about three weeks, while doing some voice work at Speakeasy. I tried to talk him into staying here – he would have cleaned up in the VO market – but he wanted to go back to The Great White North instead. Todd, me olde lead pipe cinch, whatarya thinkin’?”

– Barry Butler, Speakeasy Digital
Singapore, Singapore

“Our Direct Response production company in Montana is surrounded by great fishing and outstanding skiing… but good VO artists are few and far between. Enter Todd Schick. Typically, I email him a script, and a few minutes later I receive his MP3 audio file with a perfectly timed out, nicely voiced track, ready to drop into the spot. It’s like he’s sitting back there in our audio booth, ready to go. So now I can say Montana’s got it all, baby!”

– Brad Tallman, Senior Producer, Production West
Billings, Montana, USA (Editors note: I gotta go to Montana….!)

“Todd has a spectacular spectrum of voices that fit my needs perfectly. He really knows how to make a script come alive! My client was absolutely thrilled with the final project. What more can I say?”

– Eddie DeJong, Rain Audio Productions
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

“Montana has always smelled good, looked good, and felt good. Now it sounds good. At least if you call our 800 number. Thank you very much for the extra work you did from the introduction to the finished product. I can’t wait for the next excuse to use your services. Thanks Again!”

– Bryce Lathrop, BigHoof, Inc.
Kalispell, Montana, USA

“I have to say Todd; I am blown away by the speed with which you have delivered, the quality of the production and the overall experience of having dealt with you and your company. You can be certain that we will be utilizing your services in the future. Just delighted….”

– Shawn M. Cady, Director, Multimedia Development Synoptix Media Group
Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

“Todd, thank you very much for your excellent service. My client and I are very happy with your work. Your VO inspired me to change many aspects of the presentation design… fit perfectly! I’ll for sure call you for the next English “voice over” project I have. Thank you again and keep up the excellent work!”

– Jean Gabriel Jodoin, Cool2Design
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Todd Schick is a versatile talent – from polished corporate narrations to expertly crafted character voices,Todd understands his craft thoroughly and delivers with style! As for service – he turned around a narration on a business trip from a small studio in the Australian outback – all in under a 24 hour deadline! Need I say more?!”

– Marc Lyman, President, Flashpoint Studios
San Diego, California, USA

“Just what you want from a modern V/O artist, efficient, switched on to technology and able to do fantastically entertaining voices. Great ability, versatile and responsive, not to mention a great bloke to work with….hurrah to the death of distance.”

– Owen Johnson, Partner, MoseleyWebb Design
Cardiff, Wales, UK

“There is few in the industry as versatile as Todd. I remember a job where we needed a voice that was 25 and another that was 45 – 2 totally different sounds. The client was amazed!! Now, I only request Todd for professional VO.”

– Jean Marcotte, Excellence Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Todd Schick produces audio that works! He’s responsive, productive and on target. When I need audio for any of my clients, regardless of media, I go to Todd Schick. He’s my first and only choice in high quality, professional voice overs.”

– Dann Webb, Quality Business Solutions
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“Todd does not simply deliver an MP3 audio file of our scripts, he delivers the power to captivate and compel our viewers to purchase the products we represent in our demonstrations. His quality performance and quick delivery is unmatched. He is the most accommodating skilled professional we have had the pleasure to deal with in a long time…”

– Ron Smith, Demo Dynamics
Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA

“In our search for a new imaging voice, we were looking for someone who didn’t just compliment the BOB radio brand but captured the spirit of BOB. A guy you’d hang out with, share a beer with and laugh at life with. Todd Schick is BOB! Our radio station is extremely active with imaging and Todd never lets us down. He’s accommodating, versatile and flexible with both his turnaround time and vocal delivery. Geez Todd, I’m getting misty here! It’s truly been a pleasure to work with such a pro!”

Al Smith Program Manager, 93.9 BOB FM
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Todd has become my go-to man whenever I need that extra ‘something special’ from a V.O. artist. Having launched a few channels in Asia with the help of Todd’s voice, I can say that Todd’s own recording facilities, file delivery, and personal professionalism are top-notch. And if you ever need a voice as specific as, “a curmudgeonly peg-legged old pirate with a dry hacking cough being attacked by a hot air balloon filled with ninjas”, Todd will nail it, usually within the first two takes…..”

– Jayson Chan, Turner Broadcasting
Hong Kong, China

“We use Todd on one of our variety hits stations. These guys have to make a station full of personality, while only having a live, local, morning show. How do we make up the rest of the “stationality?” Easy. Todd Schick. As the voice of “Max” Todd brings personality to the station in a way that no other vo guy can. Todd is easy to work with, “gets” the station, and oftentimes adds his own personality outside of the copy to really bring it home. Top marks!”

– Ed LaCombe, President, Exec. Producer
Digital Sound and Video
Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

“Todd’s initial assessment of my voice and those areas on which I would need to focus proved to be unerringly accurate. His suggestions and exercises to capture my “real voice” are ones I use every day.”

– Micheal Turnbull, Voice Talent
Petoskey, Michigan, USA

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