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You’re on this page because you either need a voice demo produced, you’re not happy with your current demo, or you’d like to know some more information about the demo production process, rates and other factors involved in producing a professional voiceover demo.

If you are a total newbie to the voice over business, I highly recommend you read this first.

Otherwise…please read on!

voice demo production
I promise I won't record your demo on this unit!
I won’t just take your money.

If you suck, I won’t take your money.

If you have no talent for doing voiceovers, I’m not going to produce a demo for you.

I only take on clients who have some previous experience doing voice work and are serious about getting a professional demo produced.

There are many people out there who produce demos for people who have little or no talent for the craft. I’m very happy to say that I’m NOT one of them. Taking money from people and producing demos for folks who will likely never get a VO gig in their entire life is tantamount to theft.

That said, if you’re serious about getting a proper demo produced…then please, read on….

You’ll need a critique and/or voice demo.

You’ll need to have a critique and/or a current voice demo.

I won’t produce a demo for someone I haven’t critiqued or heard previously via an existing voiceover demo. This is because I haven’t a clue as to your strengths, weaknesses, how you take direction, your ability to physically adapt to the spoken word…and so on.

If I don’t have this information, I can’t pick out the right scripts for you, much less decide on the vocal genre that bets suits your current abilities. Indeed, I won’t know if you’re ready to record a demo at all.

The cost for a voice critique is $250.00. One of three things can happen:

1) If you have no demo, we then do the critique. If you suck, I will know right away and won’t charge you – nor go on with the critique.

If I discover that you have some talent but are not yet ready to have a voiceover demo produced, the critique will serve as a useful learning tool with which you will use to improve your skills. In other words, it will not be a waste of your time or money.

2) If your level of talent is pretty good and you want to move forward with producing the demo, I will minus the critique fee from the cost of producing your demo, which is only fair.

3) If you have a demo which sounds good and/or I discover within a few minutes of a critique that you have talent for VO, we’ll skip the critique process (and subsequent fee). In some cases, I start recording demo material on the spot.

You have to nail it in 2 or 3 takes.

You have to nail it in 2 or 3 takes.

If you don’t, we have a performance problem and it’s not going on your demo.

The reason for this is simple….if you can’t perform it for me during the voice demo recording process, then you won’t be able to do it when you’re being hired by someone else.

Your demo must always be an accurate representation of your current spoken word VO abilities…..even if those abilities are average.

In this way, you’re never going to get caught with your pants down in a recording session because you were unable to record a vocal performance on your demo – the one a producer hired you for…..

“OK…..let’s start with that really nice, relaxed read you did on your demo…the Joe’s Pizza clip….”

Superb source audio.

The source audio must be superb.

If you record in my booth, no problem. I have about 4 (or more) mics and three mic pre amps with which to record your voice to get a variety of sounds.

If you are in a different location or recording from your home, I’ll have to listen to the audio first to make sure it’s good enough for me to work with.

If it’s not, then you’ll have to book a studio or go somewhere where you can get a decent sound. I’ll also need for you to have a phone patch, Source Connect or ISDN so I can direct you through the recording process.

Good voice demos take time.

A Good voice demo takes time.

I don’t simply record your voice, slap a music bed underneath and say “Here, good luck with that…” as many others do.

A good demo package (Commercial and Narration, approx. 1 min. each) will take me 7 – 8 hours of studio time (@ $150.00 per hour).

That includes the time to critique your voice, pick out scripts, record your demo material, mix, edit and deliver.

Upon delivery, you will have 2, 1-minute (or less, depending on your talent/range) demos fully mixed and produced in the format of your choice.

You will also have the “clips” from your demo delivered separately, should you decide to change the order around and/or do a different mix for yourself in the future when you want to ad some archival material.

I do keep your (Adobe Audition 3.0) session (.ses) on file, should you need that file for your own reference or require me to make changes for you in the future.

My thinking is, if you’ve paid for the demo, you should own it – and that includes every single aspect, including the raw session file from the original recording.

My qualifications.

What makes you qualified to produce my voice demo, Todd?

Every single person I’ve produced a demo for (or had a hand in producing – sometimes I outsource production) is getting work.

How about them apples?

It’s a pretty easy claim to make. Simply because I’m very good at picking out the good talent from the bad. Ultimately, your talent gets you the gig……the demo merely gets you in the front door.

If I produce your demo, it’s because I firmly believe you have talent for the work and will be able to recoup your cost for my service in about a year or so – providing you market yourself properly and the audio from your home studio doesn’t suck…. ;-)!

Consider that I hire VO talent all the time. I’ve also been hired, as a professional VO talent, by hundreds of different people from all facets of the VO industry and therefore, have keen insight into what casting directors, producers and corporations listen for when hiring voice talent.

Finally, I have a superb production library, stacks and stacks of professional scripts culled from 25+ years of auditions and recording sessions and the skills to back it all up to put your demo together.

Also, in some cases, I’ll send material out to other producers to get a different sound in the mix – something no-one else does.

Oh, I’m qualified. Very qualified. That’s why I won’t produce your demo if you suck. Doing that will reflect negatively on my good reputation.

What you do later is up to you.

What you do with your voice demo afterwards is up to you.

I guarantee my work insofar that it will sound professional, archival, puts forth your best vocal performances from your demo recording session, flatters your voice in the best possible way and ultimately will be an accurate representation of your current spoken word performance ability.

I will not misrepresent your current level of talent.

How you market that demo, yourself, perform in a recording session or deliver audio from your studio is out of my purview.

If you decide to change it around, chop it up, make it louder or whatever…that’s totally up to you.

I’m saying this, because I don’t need nor want people to come back to me a year later saying:

“This demo sucks, I’m not getting any work”

That said, what you do with your professional demo after I have delivered it to you, will ultimately dictate your success in the future.

I’m just giving you the key, you have to unlock the door and walk in….

If you’re interested, please feel free to drop me a line.

Kind regards,

Todd Schick


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A Parallel Universes Less Adept Hanz Zimmer
A Parallel Universes Less Adept Hanz Zimmer
1 year ago

Hi, I’d done a lot of music work with AA (and Cool Edit Pro before those), and was curious about your choice for AA3.0. Do the native tools make it more handy than other DAWs for VO-specific use (i.e. noise profile, spectral views, etc)? some other specific advantages?