Voiceover Script Services

After some 15 years in the broadcasting industry, I have quite a bit of experience in writing, so I do offer voiceover script services. I’ve written liners, promos, commercials, brochures, newspaper and magazine articles, music reviews – you name it.

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Along with writing a lot of script – I’ve read a pile of it as well (the figure must be in the thousands). So, I have a very clear idea about what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve found that most people write well…they just don’t write well for voice over – and that’s where my voiceover script services come in.

I prefer to edit scripts – not write them from scratch.

When I write – I like to do creative stuff like this site, stories or a play. When it comes to voiceover script services, I stick to editing someone else’s work. The research has been done, the ideas formed, the Big Picture has been painted.

I can then take your script to the next level.

In the case of a voiceover script that was poorly translated, I can fix that as well. In fact, I have fixed a great deal of poorly translated copy over the years.

I find the worst culprits are people who want to have their script heard by people in North America, but live in Europe. 

I then step in and make changes to your script to make the whole package more accessible to your audience. I don’t change any content per se, I just change simple stuff to make your work more conversational, so your listener gets the feeling like someone is talking to them – not just reading at them.

If you would like me to have a look at your script, please feel free to contact me.

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