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I started offering voiceover recording services on the Internet in 1998. Five years later, in 2003 came the first “P2P” websites, where people could buy a subscription and instantly become a professional voice talent.

Well….not exactly a “professional” voice talent…but let’s say that they had a microphone plugged into their computer.

Long story short, these websites learned that their “More Members = More Money” subscription based business model was flawed. Subsequently, they had to come up with other ways to generate revenue and this has led to the creation of one scam after another. 

So, it’s important that you educate yourself and be informed about the pitfalls regarding these websites and the traps you can fall into.

I wrote about many of these websites for years in my articles section of the site, but these reviews are much more current.

Whether you are a voice talent looking to join one of these sites, or someone shopping for voice talent, I think you’ll find all this information very useful.

Click on a voiceover website to learn more.

Voices.com Review
Of all the P2P websites out there, this one is the worst – for both clients and talent.

Like many other websites, Voices.com realized the the subscription-based business model was flawed and so, they had to come up with other ways to make money from their roster of very average talent.

They started out by offering clients and talents an “escrow” service where they would handle the PayPal transaction for you “safely” for a 10% commission. People quickly figured out that PayPal was safe enough on it’s own and didn’t bother to use the service.

So, they made it mandatory. Then, they started offering the “Promote your job for $19.95” to clients, where they could get their job to the “top of the list.” Basically, this just menat that a clients lead went to everyone, instead of the select (specific) talent they requested in the first place.

So, clients paid Voices.com $20 to fill up their audition folder with auditions they didn’t need nor want.

That didn’t work, so Voices.com decided that they were going to offer a “Platinum” subscription to talent and offer them basically nothing for $2500….telling talent that they would get “preferential” treatment. I bought into this and I noted no difference between that membership and the regular one. I would get e-mail notification of a lead…..and 60 people had already auditioned for the job.

They say that they only have room for “100” people for this subscription which is also a lie. You can sign up today and they will call you up imediatley and tell you that they’ve got “one opening left that will expire in 8 hours.” By the way, the fee is now $5,000.

And on the subject of calling, Voices.com has turned into a telemarketing company. They call both clients and talent with a hardsell as soon as you fill out the form. Be careful when handing out your personal information to them.

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